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Virtual Private Networks

Protect Your Privacy on Public Networks

The Internet has never been secure. In general the Internet is no more secure than mailing postcards. Public wireless is more akin to shouting your conversation in a crowded room. Everyone in the room can listen if they wish.

Your Privacy is at Risk

FIRESHEEP - a silly name but a serious threat - is a simple Firefox add-in that listens for your conversations with Facebook, Yahoo!, Amazon.com, and other popular web sites. It snags the credential (cookie) that identifies you to the site and allows the Firesheep user to impersonate you - updating your status, reading your messages, and possibly worse.

Protect Your Credentials

What if you had a secure telephone line in that crowded room? ...a "cone of silence?"

Your bank provides security end-to-end by maintaining a secure web site. But you don't have that option on Facebook and other popular web sites. It is your responsibility to protect your security in that crowded room.

Your Secure Networking Options

Windows includes a network option "Connect to a Network at My Workplace" that allows you to configure a Virtual Private Network (VPN). Although a Windows VPN is not the best security in the world, it is much better than nothing. It is certainly sufficient to thwart the casual hacker.

Even stronger security is available with another program, OpenVPN. OpenVPN uses the same level of encryption as secure web sites but is more complicated to set up.

SurfProtect.Me - Personal Network Security

After you select your network security, you still need a secure channel outside of that crowded room. You probably don't have a "Workplace" to connect to, or an OpenVPN server at your home. Although we certainly could install a VPN infrastructure at your home or office, it's probably more than you need.

As of January 1, SurfProtect.Me will enable you to subscribe to our fully private individual security service. Subscriptions for Windows VPN and OpenVPN connections are available on a monthly or annual basis. Our web site is currently under construction but the server is ready to protect you.

Call or email us if you would like to participate in our free pilot program until January 1.

Windows VPN OpenVPN
Monthly $9.95 $15.95
Yearly $99.95 $159.95

Protect your information and yourself with SurfProtect.Me!

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ph: 941-548-1322