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A Sample of Our Services

Prices are based on parts and labor at $60 per half hour.  Routine services are typically $120-180.  Call for an estimate for multiple-service discounts.

  • Prevention - keep your computer running

    An ounce of prevention is worth a day of downtime! 

    Software Tune-Up ($149)

    Your computer's system software has become outdated since you brought your computer home.  Your computer has been besieged by hackers and viruses.  Programs have crashed and the power has gone out, leaving conflicting information on your disk drive.

    We make sure that your computer has the most recent versions of your system firmware and drivers, is free from malicious software, and its disk drive is operating at full efficiency.

    Hardware ($120-180)

    Heat is the silent killer of computers.  The brain of your computer, the CPU, operates between 110°-150° F and needs a working fan and to be free of dust to keep from burning out.  Your disk drive collects internal measurements about its own performance, which deteriorates over time.  As you run more programs on your computer, you may exhaust your main memory and space on your disk drive.

    We clean your computer's case and fans to provide maximum cooling to your CPU.  We evaluate your disk drive's performance, and we insure that you have sufficient main memory and disk capacity for your needs.

  • Repair - Upgrade Main Memory (RAM)

    Is your computer slow?  The most common reason is insufficient main memory.  Computer retailers sell you a system with the minimum usable configuration, which is quickly exceeded when you add applications and access complex web sites.

    We will determine your memory requirements and install additional memory to meet your needs. Free Installation

  • Repair - Malware Removal

    Have you received an e-postcard from an "old friend" lately?  If so, your computer may be contaminated with malicious software and sending out thousands of unsolicited emails, attacking a legitimate web site, or sending your credit card information to the Russian Mafia.

    We will scan and clean your system from infection - including rootkit viruses that even commercial anti-virus software usually does not detect.

  • Branch Office Network

    Eliminate your expensive T1 circuit and replace it with a cost-effective Virtual Private Network using the same triple-DES security as the Federal Government.

    Priced by complexity of installation.

All services are performed at your location, or via our free pick-up and delivery service.

No charge for pre-implementation consulting and design.

We accept payment by check, cash, and major credit cards.


Remote Support

If you need assistance before we can schedule an on-site call, try our Remote Support service!

Call 941-548-1322 to schedule remote service from 9-5 Monday-Friday. Our minimum charge is $60, billed to your credit card. Cancellation less than 24 hours prior to your appointment is subject to a $60 cancellation fee. Our rates are $2.00/minute, billed in 20-minute increments.

When it's time for your appointment, call us and click on the "Remote Support" link below.




Annual Maintenance Package

We pick up your computer at the close of business and deliver when you open.

Includes all Prevention software and hardware options, with complete virus, spyware, and adware removal

$180 - first computer

$120 each - computers 2-4


Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Lemon Bay Computer Service now offers Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for business website owners.

Our services include:
- Reviewing site content and structure
- Diagnostic report on suggested site modifications
- Technical advice on website development
- Content development

SEO Procedures
We analyze your site's content, structure and coding with regard to the search placement procedures of the most popular search engines (google.com, yahoo.com, bing.com, ask.com).

We provide a detailed report on suggested modifications with individual explanations for each change. Modifications will be made after website owner approval.

We offer technical advice for future website and content development on how to keep your site "search engine friendly".

Contact us for a custom quote for your site.


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