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Business Support

Server Maintenance


Capacity Planning - Trend Analysis

  • Hard Drive Storage Utilization
  • Memory Utilization
  • CPU Utilization
  • Active Processes

System Availability Analysis

  • System Errors
  • Application Errors
  • Remediation Planning

System Health - Trend Analysis

  • Internal Temperatures
  • Hard Drive Health
  • System Fans

Network Health

  • Internet Speed - Trend Analysis
  • Firewall Audit
  • Wireless Security Audit

Business Continuity / Disaster Recovery

  • Verify Backup Creation


  • Baseline Security Analysis
  • Microsoft Security Vulnerability Report
  • External Network Security Scan
  • Remediation Planning


Software Maintenance

  • Create System Recovery Image
  • Apply Microsoft Updates
  • Apply Updates from Other Software Vendors


System Service

  • Clean Air Vents
  • Clean Case Interior
  • Test Battery Backup

Premium Annual Service (Optional)

  • Business Continuity / Disaster Recovery Exercise
  • Bare Metal Recovery
  • Gap Analysis

Ongoing Operational Support

  • Add and Remove Users
  • Remote Access Support
  • Troubleshooting and Diagnostics

Business Computer Support

Do you wait until your car breaks down, leaving you stranded, before taking it in for service? Sadly, many business owners take just that approach with their critical computer systems.

Avoid the Next Crisis

Computer systems require regular support and maintenance. Despite being aware of this need, business owners frequently do not provide for regular technology support. Instead, support services are called on an emergency basis - a perilous way to maintain the health of your systems.

Crisis driven computer support is faulty cost-containment. You may think that you are holding down expenses by calling for service only when needed but the cost to your company is far higher. Problems that are left unaddressed become compounded over time. Business is lost or delayed and staff is underutilized when computer systems are not operating as they should.

Plan, Deliver, Operate — Manage!


Plan for Business Continuity

Backing up your data is critical, but what do you do with your backup if disaster strikes? Do you have a recovery plan as well as a backup plan?

Plan for Business Growth

Every change to your business affects your computer and network capacities. Whether you are adding a new customer or a new printer, do your server and network have capacity?

Plan for Equipment Obsolescence

Everything wears out eventually. Do you have a replacement plan for your computers and servers?

Plan for Computer Security

If your computers are connected to the Internet, they are under threat of attack from both within and without. Is your anti-virus software up-to-date on all your computers? Is your firewall protecting your server?


Delivering Hardware Upgrades

When it is time to upgrade your computer, how long can you afford your computer to be down? Effective planning minimizes the disruption of your business.

Delivering Software Updates

Most computer software has monthly updates to improve security and functionality. When did you last update your computer software?


Operational Checklist

Maintaining system performance requires monitoring and analysis. How much storage is available on your computer? Was it more or less last month? Regular maintenance identifies system trends and helps eliminate crisis management.

Troubleshooting and Problem Resolution

Managing change is the best prevention for computer problems. A disciplined software and hardware change management approach avoids most problems and improves the resolution time for those few that are unavoidable.


As a business owner you strive to avoid unplanned expenditures. We support your business by managing your computer hardware, software, and service assets through their life cycles. Effective planning with a down-to-business approach means that you will receive the most value from your information technology investment.

Increase Your Competitiveness

The information technology professionals at Lemon Bay Computer Service will take care of your IT fundamentals, allowing you to run your business. You can focus on business growth and productivity with the confidence that your computer systems will be up to the challenge.


Your technology investment meets your business needs today. We assist you to leverage your investment to improve your bottom line.

  • Standardize infrastructure and processes
  • Control legacy costs
  • Implement collaboration tools
  • Conservative introduction of technology


We provide technology support for your efforts to simplify internal processes, and provide better access to the information you need to make the best decisions for your business.

  • Communicate and collaborate internally
  • Focus on business process management
  • Review and update legacy environment


You will gain the greatest efficiency by also simplifying your processes for external clients and business partners. We help you to look beyond the boundaries of your company to simplify business processes and develop insights up and down the value chain.

  • Collect and analyze data about external processes
  • Simplify for clients and partners
  • Enhance and expand the value chain
  • Use risk management frameworks


Use your unique insight into your industry to radically innovate products, markets, and business models.

  • Pilot technology for social value
  • Explore new sources of revenue
  • Enhance customer experience
  • Pursue non-stop growth

Your Partners for Success

Lemon Bay Computer Service LLC brings Fortune 500 company expertise to bear on the information technology needs of your business.

Leverage technology to enhance your profitability!

Contact us today for details about our maintenance plans and consultative services.

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ph: 941-548-1322